Beauty in the Burgh: featuring The KTHOM Beauty Boutique!

Where do I even begin?  Well it all starts about three years ago during a night downtown where I crossed paths with Kyle for the first time.  We engaged in conversation about occupation and various pleasantries upon meeting one another.  What stood out to me about Kyle was that he was especially outgoing and passionate […]

Oh my Lana! 

Lana Del Rey.  The embodiment of beautiful, and tragic.  The seductress has a mystique surrounding her that is anything but ordinary.  Enveloped in an aura of dark, sexual, melancholic tones, her music speaks volumes.  It’s music that doesn’t just have a catchy hook, but dark and beautiful lyrics.  Each of her albums follow a separate theme […]


Like carbon monoxide, it creeps slowly and quietly into every aspect of our lives.  When you graduate high school they ask: “Are you going to college?”, quite often followed by “Where are you going to college?”.  After college they ask: “When will you get a job?”.  If you don’t have a significant other, they ask if you date or […]