Oh my Lana! 

Lana Del Rey.  The embodiment of beautiful, and tragic.  The seductress has a mystique surrounding her that is anything but ordinary.  Enveloped in an aura of dark, sexual, melancholic tones, her music speaks volumes.  It’s music that doesn’t just have a catchy hook, but dark and beautiful lyrics.  Each of her albums follow a separate theme which seem to tie together in my observation.  She also seems to mature greatly throughout her musical career.  In her broken and beautiful ways, she has an alluring aura surrounding her.  With her music, it gives us a glimpse at human nature in its darker form, at the beauty of imperfection–the dark paths we all wander down looking for love.  There is something so genuine–so real about her music.  She is easily one of the most brilliant (and underrated) artists of our time.  That being said, I am highly anticipating the release of her new album on July 21st.

In accordance to her new album release it would only be appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and highlight some of her greatest albums (AKA all of them)…

Born To Die (2012)


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This album is centered around what seems to be tumultuous relationships, getting into trouble, and young people finding their way in the world (through many questionable ways).  Walking the streets, seedy places/people, and lots of other mischief associated with growing up in a city area (such as NY, where Lana is from).

Born To Die – The Paradise Edition (2012)


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This album is a continuation of Born To Die with very vintage vibes.  With titles like “Blue Velvet”, “Bel Air”, and “Burning Desire”, she channels the likes of old Hollywood.   With titles like “American”, and “Cola”, and “Ride”, it shares patriotic and carefree vibes as well.

Ultraviolence (2014)


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I have to admit, when I first listened to Ultraviolence I wasn’t immediately hooked.  I listened to it a few more times a little closer and I was absolutely in love.  To me the album is telling a story of toxic love, power, and temptation.  This album was really a hallmark of her music maturing and growing into deeper melodramatic tones.  While Born To Die had melancholy tones, the album was generally a lighter mood/more carefree in comparison to this.



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Lana Del Rey’s music seems to age like a fine wine.  Her most up-to-date album has a variety of different stories to tell.  In this album, she returns to her old Hollywood roots with titles like “Honeymoon”, “Swan Song”, and “The Blackest Day”.  Her song “God Knows I Tried” seems to portray failures amongst trials and tribulations.  She returns to her carefree and youthful themes with songs like “High By The Beach”, “Music To Watch Boys To”.

A few themes in particular seem to occupy most of her songs from album to album.  In all three albums you will notice the old Hollywood vibes.  Toxic love is a theme shared from album to album.  Melodramatic tones are present in a majority of songs from each album.  The self proclaimed “Queen Of Disaster” (which is a song of hers that is unreleased), portrays a beautifully tragic nature in all of her music.  Which brings me to my final topic, Unreleased music.

Unreleased Music


Some of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs are her unreleased ones.  These songs are some of her best work.  You cannot buy these but can stream them on websites such as YouTube to listen to them.

1.) Dum Dum

2.) Backfire

3.) You Can Be The Boss

4.) Axl Rose Husband

5.) Money Hunny

While I absolutely love her style, her old Hollywood feel, and her dramatic tones, I observe her somewhat glorifying this tragic, troubled lifestyle throughout her music.  However, I do not necessarily see it as negative; I see it as a glorious story being told over the course of several albums, exploring the darker sides of human nature (think “The Great Gatsby”) (which she produced music for!).  She explores dark and very real concepts of power (and what someone will do to get there), toxic relationships, failures, temptations, trials, and tribulations.  Most importantly, she is a sinner like we all are, she is trying like we all are, she is failing like we all are.  Her songs about heartbreak, love, and temptation are all too real and relatable.  Her albums are a masterpiece in my opinion.

I’ll conclude my post with saying that I have very high expectations for this upcoming album of Lana Del Rey.

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