“A picture is worth 1000 words.” They say.

I have been a creative person my entire life; I am always looking for new outlets to channel that creativity.  It seems that no matter how far I wander from my creative roots I always have this need to find my way back.  I have experimented with photography in the past with a point and shoot, which obviously cannot compare to more high-powered DLSR camera’s.  That being said, I (finally!) decided to take the plunge and buy a DLSR camera to practice and build my photography skills.  I am generally really hard on myself and my art no matter what medium that art takes, but am learning more about the art of photography every day!  Here are some of my favorite photos that I took recently.

Daria edit 7JasminJasjasminnnnKaylee 5-14-17IMG_0462PlantBenzPORSCHEspeedometer

All of these photos, including the featured photo (The Lotus-looking plant) were taken with a Canon Rebel T6, with an 85mm lens (except for the 5th image down, which was taken with a 18-55mm lens).  Like I said, photography is relatively new to me, but I am constantly researching and learning about this art form.  All of these images were processed in Photoshop to capture different reflections of light and shadows to give each individual image dimension.

I just ordered a Canon 75-300mm Telephoto lens from Amazon and I am SO excited to take some full body portraits with it.  I have been studying other photographers’ work and taking in as much as I can.  Photography truly is an art form used to creatively capture a moment in time.  I don’t want to copy work that I see, but I do want to use it as inspiration to spark the creative process.  I am learning so much every day about different lenses and their functions, along with my camera’s functions.  Once my new lens arrives I will be putting up some new and different photographs along with information on how to create certain photos and achieve certain looks (based on my knowledge, research, and experience of course).

Until next time!



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