Our world today

It has come to my attention that my words concerning a recent, tragic event in Syria have been misconstrued.  When I am passionate about something, sometimes my actual thoughts can be lost in poor translation.  Our world today is a very broken place, there’s no doubt about that.  Turn on any news station and you will see the depravity that this world has been reduced to.  There are crimes against humanity happening in every dark corner of the world.  Many of these crimes go unnoticed, swept under the rug, or even blatantly ignored.  Why?  Why do we highlight some crimes, and ignore others?  Why do we incite outrage at certain events and forget about others?  Why are some punished, and others receive a slap on the wrist?  There are barbaric practices still happening today, and where is the outrage?  In China, forced abortions are still happening today in accordance to the “one child policy”.  Where is the outrage over North Korea’s abhorrent living conditions?  In the midst of all of these women’s marches, where is the outrage that women STILL cannot drive in Saudi Arabia today?  There are crimes against humanity happening all over the globe, so why do we give certain events and crimes precedence over others?  The western media decides which events and crimes to highlight in order to incite scandal or to further a political ideology.  The worst part about this is that a majority of people buy into it.  The media has exploited these events to fuel the fire of debate concerning recent immigration policies and the war in Syria.  What debate would it spark to mention any other atrocity?  Western media is hyper focusing on events that happen in Syria today to incite debate and indoctrinate people with a certain viewpoint.  The recent gas attack in Syria is a horrible crime against humanity and deserves to be a point of focus just as much as any other atrocity happening in our world today.  We need not focus on one country simply because it sparks debates and ratings.  We cannot pick and choose what crimes against humanity we are outraged about only because the media reports it.

DISCLAIMER: I am not exploiting this recent attack to further my own agenda; I am stating what I see is happening in our media dominated world.  I would love nothing more than to spare the Syrian people from all this hurt and pain.  In this broken world, there are many, many people that are victims and in need of help.  We need not exploit one group over another to garner ratings, views, and debate.

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