Like carbon monoxide, it creeps slowly and quietly into every aspect of our lives.  When you graduate high school they ask: “Are you going to college?”, quite often followed by “Where are you going to college?”.  After college they ask: “When will you get a job?”.  If you don’t have a significant other, they ask if you date or wish to be married.  If you have a significant other, they ask: “When will you be married?”  When you get married, they ask: “When will you have children?”  It is a perpetual cycle that has no end.  These are pressures that live in our subconscious, expectations that have existed in our minds from the time we were young.  These are expectations that have no business controlling our lives and the decisions we make.  Live and let live.  We are all out there doing our best and trying to find our place in life whether that be at a trade school or medical school.  Whether you are the “childless aunt” or single for life, nobody can tell you what is best for your life but you and YOU alone.